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xWave 3.9mm

The Incredibly Flexible xWave LED

Our xWave panels feature an easy locking mechanism adjusting -20°, -10°, 0°, +10°, +20° per panel. Reach a complete circle at a 9’-5”, 18’-9” or 37′-6″ diameter (hanging and ground supported). Offered in 3.9mm these panels display incredibly sharp imaging standing close or viewing far. Take them on the road or install permanently, these panels are lightweight and ready to impress. Convex and concave has never looked so good!

  • One-action locking mechanism.

  • Magnetic connections for quick fastening.

  • Separate and exchangable power and data unit.

  • Flexible modules with easy angle adjustments.

  • Bend angle can reach 20° with 5 levels.

  • One complete circle can be made with 18 panels (2.86m or 9’5” diameter).

  • Corners join cleanly at 90°.

  • Hanging system and Ground support capable.



Black Widow CTS 5.9mm

1,000mm x 1,000mm


Black Widow CTS 5.9mm

500mm x 500mm


Links RR 2.9mm

500mm x 500mm

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