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Panasonic PT-RZ12K

Reference Images with the Efficiency of Laser

The 12,000 lm PT-RZ12K 3-Chip DLP™ Series projectors combine class-leading imaging technologies with the practical advantages of Panasonic SOLID SHINE Laser: minimal picture quality degradation over long periods in continuous use, 20,000-hour maintenance-free operation*, flexible installation, failsafe reliability, and a wealth of powerful features for creative visual presentations in large spaces.

  • ECO Filter Extends Replacement to 20,000hours

  • Dustproof for Ultimate Endurance

  • Bright and Vivid Picture Quality

  • Accurate Color Reproduction

  • Ultra durable Laser Optical Engine for Continuous 24hr Operation

  • Original Panasonic Technology Reduces Motion Blur

  • System Daylight View 3 Improves Color Perception

  • Multi-Unit Brightness/Color Control

  • Single -Cable DIGITAL LINK Connection

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