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Black Widow Touring Frame

Black Widow Touring Frame (1,000mm x 500mm)

Our Black Widow Touring System is a three-part full touring and fast rigging package. It begins with our lightweight high resolution 4.6mm, 5.9mm or 8.9mm Black Widow CTS (Creative Touring System) LED Panel. Its slim body features beveled edged for seamless 90° corners, as well as removable power/data control and LED modules for fast maintenance and repair. This incredibly lightweight LED panel locks into our custom fabricated aluminum Black Widow Touring Frame to create powerful and adaptive structure. The Touring Frame is wind-load tested to over 60mph, strong enough to climb, yet light enough for single person installation. The Touring Frame’s edges feature unique convex/concave locking for -10°, -5°, 0, +5°, +10° curves, completing a full circle in just 36 frames. Each Touring Frame + LED panel travels in our stackable Black Widow Touring Cart.



Black Widow Touring Frame

(500mm x 500mm)


Black Widow CTS 5.9mm

500mm x 500mm


TR 16mm

640mm x 640mm

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